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Property renovations and property refurbishments across West Sussex

Our history with property renovations and property refurbishments in West Sussex go far beyond when we started trading in 2016. The team at Hox Contractors has a long and storied history in the region, boasted more than seventy-years in the construction industry in one form or another. In that time, we have helped to convert and restore thousands of properties across the county, bringing our decades of experience and our in-depth technical knowledge to every project we take on.

What Hox Contractors can do for you

We have much to offer our clients in the way of property renovations and property refurbishments. Here are some of our more popular services…

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Property refurbishments in West Sussex

Property refurbishment is another way of saying ‘restoration’ or ‘modernising’. In essence, we keep the overall heart of the room or property that we’re working on intact, but we repair and replace aspects of it that have, perhaps, seen better days. Alternatively, we you make be looking to install some modern conveniences but you wish to keep the property true to its original look. In either case, Hox Contractors are the only company you need to call if you live in the West Sussex area. Our designers will go through everything you want from your property refurbishment, talking you through the various options that exist before you give the final go-ahead for us to start work.

Original materials

When we are contracted to perform a property refurbishment, we always try to retain as much of the original character and original building materials. With the high quality of construction materials and processes used two or three hundred years ago, there is no reason that they can’t continue to play a role in your refurbished vision, if given a little care and attention.
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Property renovations in West Sussex

A property renovation is a more significant change to a building than a property refurbishment. It often involves knocking down interior walls, raising or lowering ceilings, and things of that nature. Two everyday examples would be a loft conversion, or knocking through a pair of box rooms to form a single master bedroom. Anything where the internal structure of a building is affected by the change, in other words. At Hox Contractors, our design technician will run the necessary calculations to ensure that the finished design matches your vision for the property as closely as possible.

Renovation, or extension?

At what point does a property renovation become a home extension? It’s largely a matter of semantics but, generally, when the building work breaches the external wall of the property, it’s more likely to be a home extension. Not that it matters from our point of view. At Hox Contractors, we’re equally well-versed in either, and will produce a stunning design that never compromises the structural integrity of the building itself.
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No job too big or small

Whether you’re a private customer or a commercial client; whether you want us to restore a mantlepiece to its former glory, or convert an entire floor of your house into a studio, you will find Hox Contractors equal to the task. We have never been known to back down from a challenge, and we are confident that our team of builders, designers, and engineers will produce a property renovation or property refurbishment of which you can be justly proud.

Why choose Hox Contractors for your property renovation and property refurbishment needs?

There are so many reasons to choose us. Based on feedback from our former clients, here are some of more common ones.

Better by design

All of our property renovations and property refurbishments are designed in-house, ensuring you a unique and innovative plan for your project, one that will not only meet, but also enhance your original vision for the property.

Your local professional builders

Working out of our main office in Horsham, we cover the whole of West Sussex, providing quality property renovations and property refurbishments across the county.

Get in touch

For all of your property renovation and property refurbishment requirements in West Sussex, call Hox Contractors today on 01403 586 005, to arrange a free consultation.