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Professional builders creating new builds across West Sussex

There are few things more satisfying than building an entire building (or complex of buildings) from scratch. Here at Hox Contractors, we speak from experience, having been responsible for a great many of them over the years that we have been an integral part of the West Sussex construction industry. While it is true that we have been trading since 2016, our team of dedicated professional builders and designers have been involved in the local building trade for over three-quarters of a century between them. Take advantage of this extensive experience by hiring Hox Contractors today to handle your new build project.
new house build by our contractors

What Hox Contractors can do for you

We have a lot that we can offer our clients across the county when it comes to new builds. Here are some of our more popular services…

A complete, end-to-end new build service

When you hire Hox Contractors to deal with your new building project, you’re getting more than a gang of people to do the heavy lifting and cementing. Our diverse and experienced staff have the technical skills and relevant expertise to provide a full, end-to-end service. From the initial design sketches to laying the final tile on the roof, we can provide every building service you require.

Innovative property design

Here at Hox Contractors, we are nothing if not creative. Whether you have a detailed plan already prepared for us, or the just vaguest instructions, our experienced designers will produce a blueprint that meets every one of your requirements. You can trust in their 15+ years of experience in designing new builds and rest easy knowing that your new property will be both attractive and functional.

Built from the ground up

Part of that design, of course, is the groundworks. These are the foundations, pipework, and other essentials necessary for supporting your new build. Our design team includes an experienced building technician who will run all the requisite calculations to ensure a firm footing for your new built to be constructed upon. An essential part of any construction project, our groundworks are professionally laid to guarantee a building that will last for generations.

First rate materials and workmanship

At Hox Contractors, we believe that our customers deserve nothing less than the best, and this holds true for the materials we put into construction as much as the work ethic our team brings to any given project. We only use top-quality materials from some of the most-respected manufacturers in the country, knowing that there is no excuse for skimping in this area. Likewise, the team of builders, joiners, plumbers, and other craftspeople that we employ is made up of dedicated and experienced professionals. Our in-house team have more than 75 years of experience in the trade, and we hire reliable contractors with whom we have a long history for more specialised tasks. All this is to make sure that your new build is completed to the highest standards, from the first brick to the last.

Why choose Hox Contractors for your new build needs?

There are a whole host of reasons to choose us. Based on feedback we have received from our clients, here are some of the more common ones.

No job to big or small

In our time, we have taken on many new build projects, from single storey properties to multi-floor buildings, to entire estates of new builds, spread over several sites. Whatever the size or complexity of your new build, Hox Contractors are well-equipped to handle it.

Over 75 years’ experience

While we have been trading as Hox Contractors since 2016, our experience in the construction industry runs deeper and longer than that. With over three quarters of a century of relevant, on-the-job experience under our collective belts, it’s no wonder we are already a name to be trusted.

Your local professional builders

From our main office in Horsham, we cover the whole of West Sussex, erecting quality new builds throughout the county.

Get in touch

For all of your new build requirements in West Sussex, call Hox Contractors today on 01403 586 005, to arrange a free consultation.