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Professional builders creating home extensions in West Sussex

There are any number of reasons for choosing a home extension. Perhaps your family is growing, but you don’t wish to relocate from the home you’ve created together. Maybe the current housing market makes purchasing a larger property too risky a venture? Or it could be that you’re a property developer and are looking to maximise the building’s market potential before selling it on, or renting it out. Whatever your reasons for doing so, you can be sure that your venture is in safe hands when you hire the team at Hox Contractors to deal with your home extension.


We have more than 75 years of hand-on experience in the building trade between us, which means that any home extension we are contracted to complete will benefit from decades of relevant expertise from some of the best craftspeople and designers in the business.

our client house extended by our team

What Hox Contractors can do for you

We have much to offer our clients when it comes to home extensions. Here are some of our more popular services…

Creative solutions and innovative design

Creating a quality home extension is more complicated than it looks. Not only do we have to make the extension attractive and functional, keeping in with the existing character of the property, we also have to ensure that we do not compromise the original structure of the building. Fortunately, we have the best design team in the county to assist us with that, performing all the necessary calculations and bringing their extensive engineering expertise to bear to produce a home extension that looks good and will last you a lifetime.

A firm foundation

If your home extension is going to expand your building sideways, then the odds are good that it will require additional footings and foundations to be laid in order to support it. At Hox Contractors, we are experts in laying all the groundworks that your home extension needs to be secure and stable. We often incorporate the existing foundations into our design, adding a further layer of strength to your new extension.

Exceptional quality and strong work ethic

We use only the best materials from the country’s most respected and reliable suppliers, ensuring a home extension built to stand the test of time. We use our own team of builders, joiners, and other craftspeople to handle nearly all of the work on your extension, a team that we have handpicked for their skill, experience, and dedication. Should some aspect of the extension require a specialised skill, we hire workmen specifically trained in the field, with whom we have worked in the past, and know they meet our own impeccable standards.

No job too big or small

Whether you home extension consists of something as simple as a garage, or is a multi-storey expansion project that almost doubles the size of your house, it makes no difference to us. Large or small, we are happy to take on any job that requires are services, committing ourselves to the same high standards across the board.

Why choose Hox Contractors for your home extension needs?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us. Based on feedback from our clients, here are some of more common ones.

Your local professional builders

From our main office in Horsham we deliver first-rate home extensions up and down the county of West Sussex and beyond. Simply give us a call to see if we cover your area.

Over 75 years’ experience

That’s right. Despite only trading since 2016, our team of builders and designers have been working in the building trade for more than three quarters of a century. Where else are you likely to find experience like that?

Get in touch

For all of your home extension requirements in West Sussex, call Hox Contractors today on 01403 586 005, to arrange a free consultation.