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Professional builders laying essential groundworks in West Sussex

Here at Hox Contractors, we have been installing groundworks on construction projects across the county of West Sussex since 2016, literally providing the essential foundation for dozens of new builds and extensions all over the county. With our years of hands on experience in the building trade and our impeccable structural knowledge of our design staff, we deliver groundworks that will last a lifetime.

What Hox Contractors can do for you

We have much to offer our clients when it comes to groundworks. Here are some of our more popular services…

Groundworks in West Sussex

Groundworks are fundamental to any construction project. Here at Hox Contractors, we approach every groundwork commission with mathematical precision. Our designer works out the depth, size, and thickness of the foundations required, taking the ground conditions and weight of the proposed build into consideration. This ensures sturdy and robust groundworks that are guaranteed to last.
doing excavation work in the client field

Excavations in West Sussex

Laying groundworks starts with a digger. Before we can set the foundations, we need to dig out the space required to accommodate them. Of course, we can also excavate a site for other purposes – landscaping a garden, or installing a swimming pool, for instance. Simply give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Footings in West Sussex

Sometimes, if the ground is particularly soft or loose, it can be difficult just to lay the foundations for a building, let alone build the property itself. In situations like this, footings are required. These are prefabricated concrete bracers, reinforced with a steel core, that are inserted into the ground to form a latticework, not unlike an underground scaffold. These footings can bear the entire weight of the foundations and building together, and form a strong and stable base for them, when required.
doing footing work in the ground
creating the foundation for the new build

Foundations in West Sussex

This is what most people think of when they talk about groundworks, and it certainly accounts for a large proportion of the job that we take on. In essence, a building’s foundations are what supports its weight, as the untreated ground would not be sufficient to do so. We have a number of ways to lay foundations, depending on the specifics of the project in question. These include laying large concrete slabs, pouring and setting fresh concrete, or a combination of the two.

Drainage and plumbing in West Sussex

Of course, if the foundations are going to be built upon, rather than paved over for a patio area (for example) then this is also the stage at which we install the various pipes and plumbing necessary to supply the building with fresh water and the facility to drain away waste water too. We try to incorporate the piping into the foundations themselves, wherever possible, as it makes them sturdier and more secure. All of our pipework is of the highest quality to mitigate against rust and other forms of deterioration.
plumbing and drainage work done in client site

Why choose Hox Contractors for your groundwork needs?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us. Based on feedback from our clients, here are some of more common ones.

Better by design

If the groundworks for any given project are not planned and calculated correctly, it can spell disaster for the whole construction. Here at Hox Contractors, our in-house designer works out all of the figures and measurements themselves, ensuring a firm foundation to you building work.

Your local professional builders

We operate from the historic town of Horsham, providing essential groundworks and other building services to customers right across West Sussex. We are proud of our deep links with the town itself and the wider county, knowing that we have assisted with hundreds of builds all over the area.

Over 75 years’ experience

Hox Contractors is a deceptively new firm. Having started in 2016, we are a team of highly-qualified and well-trained builders and designers who – between us – bring more than three quarters of a century of relevant experience in the industry to every job we take on.

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