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Welcome to Hox Contractors, the number one bespoke builders and contractors in Surrey & Sussex.

Since 2016, we have provided people across the county with the very best in construction services. From new builds and groundworks, to home extensions, property renovations, and property refurbishments, our team of highly qualified designers and dedicated builders ensure that every job we take on is completed to the highest possible standards.

Operating out of our Horsham office, we cover Surrey & Sussex, bringing decades of relevant, on-the-job experience to each new construction project. No matter what your plans are for your property, we deliver a complete end-to-end service that helps to make them a reality.

What Hox Contractors can do for you

As the foremost provider of new builds, property refurbishments, home extensions, groundworks, and property renovations in the Surrey & Sussex region, there is much that we have to offer our clients across the county. Here are some of our more popular services

Design & Build

Unlike some building companies, at Hox Contractors we design all of our construction projects in-house. This applies to new builds as well as home extensions and even includes property renovations and property refurbishments. Our designer will sit down with you and talk through your requirements, before putting together a high-quality design that meets each and every one of them. We do not progress to the building stage until you are completely satisfied with our design for your new project.

Groundworks in Surrey & Sussex

No matter how large or small your construction project might be, without adequate groundworks it is doomed to failure. From excavations and minor landscaping, through drainage and plumbing installation, to the laying of footings and foundations, our team of builders create a plain canvas ideally suited to whatever construction work is due to take place on top. Thanks to our designer’s meticulous calculations, each new foundation is guaranteed to bear the load of your new project for generations to come.

Property renovations and property refurbishments in Surrey & Sussex

Sometimes you’re perfectly happy with your home as it is, you just want to repair it or modernise it, keeping the overall structure the same. Here at Hox Contractors, we are experts at utilising the existing property to its fullest when delivering property renovations and property refurbishments. Where it is possible and safe to do so, we try to keep original features intact during property refurbishments (and even during property renovations, unless the feature itself is the thing you’re looking to replace).

Home extensions in Surrey & Sussex

Home extensions cover a wide range of possibilities. When you’re looking to add a new garage, a conservatory, a granny flat, or anything else, Hox Contractors are the firm to call. Our design team will be able to maximise the amount of space your new extension opens up, while our builders will deliver a first-rate job, meeting your specifications exactly. No home extension is too large or too small. Whether you just want a dormer roof installing in your loft, or a multi-storey extension with plumbing, drainage and wiring included, give the professionals a call.

New builds in Surrey & Sussex

Whether you’re a private client looking to build your dream home from the ground up, or a commercial developer erecting a whole estate of properties, our team of designers and builders are equal to any job you sent our way. With innovative designs and decades of experience in the construction industry, our name is synonymous with quality new builds across West Sussex.

Why choose Hox Contractors for your building contractor need?

There are so many reasons to pick us. From the extensive range of builder services listed above, to the experience and professionalism of our team of workers. Here are some of the reasons most commonly given, based on the feedback we receive from our hundreds of satisfied clients.

Your local professional builders

We are based in the beautiful and historic town of Horsham, on the River Arun. From here, our team of designers and builders cover the whole of Surrey & Sussex and the surrounding areas. We are proud of our association with the area and that we have provided the very best in new builds, property renovations and property refurbishments, home extensions, and groundworks to domestic customers and commercial clients alike, right across the county.

Over 75 years’ experience

Though we began trading as Hox Contractors in 2016, our team of designers and builders have been involved in the construction industry for over seventy-five years between them. Bringing decades of accumulated expertise with them to every job we take on ensures a quality design and an impeccable build every single time.


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For all of your builder services across Surrey & Sussex – including new builds, property renovations and property refurbishments, home extensions, and groundworks – contact Hox Contractors today on 01403 586 005. A member of our team will go through your options with you, before providing you with a free, no-obligation quote.